This is the official timeline of the most important events in The Last Express, that leads to an ending.

Events in italics aren't happening in exact time or depends on player's actions. Events in parentheses [()] are optional.

Paris - Epernay Edit

24 July 1914 Edit

7:13 PM Edit

  • The French gendarmes are guarding the railway staion and looking for Cath, Whitney makes sure he's not coming to the station
  • The Orient Express leaves Paris
  • Trainmaster Verges checks tickets of passengers

7:39 PM Edit

8:15 PM Edit

8:27 PM Edit

8:38 PM Edit

Epernay - Chalons-sur-Marne Edit

9:16 PM Edit

Chalons-sur-Marne - Bar-le-Duc Edit

9:40 PM Edit

Bar-le-Duc - Strasbourg Edit

10:45 PM Edit

Strasbourg - Ulm Edit

3:38 AM Edit

3:41 AM Edit

Ulm - Munich Edit

25 July 1914 Edit

8:25 AM Edit

9:15 AM Edit

9:31 AM Edit

11:20 AM Edit

  • The train arrives in Munich for twenty minutes
  • George Abbot gets in a train
  • The arms are being moved into the train under Schmidt's and Cath's observation
  • The train leaves Munich

Munich - Salzburg Edit

12:00 AM Edit

12:32 AM Edit

  • Boutarel family leaves their compartments for a lunch
  • George Abbot comes for a lunch

Salzburg - Attnang-Puchheim Edit

12:45 AM Edit

12:54 AM Edit

Attnang-Puchheim - Vienna Edit

1:57 PM Edit

  • The train arrives in Attnang-Puccheim
  • The train leaves Attnang-Puccheim
  • Jacques Coudert moves the dog to the baggage car

3:00 PM Edit

  • The concert begins

3:30 PM Edit

  • George Abbot talks with Alexi about a bomb in London

4:25 PM Edit

  • The concert ends

4:30 PM Edit

  • Cath converses with Schmidt in the salon about the higher interest of Germany

5:00 PM Edit

  • Abbot and Schmidt converse in the salon

5:05 PM Edit

  • Anna leaves her compartment and Vesna follows

5:55 PM Edit

  • Cath confronts Anna and Vesna in the baggage car

6:00 PM Edit

  • The train arrives in Vienna
  • The train leaves Vienna
  • Kronos leaves the train

Vienna - Budapest Edit

7:35 PM Edit

  • First service dinner is announced

7:40 PM Edit

  • Alexei and Tatiana converse in the rear end of the green sleeping car

8:08 PM Edit

  • The train arrives in Poszony
  • The train leaves Poszony

8:40 PM Edit

  • Tatiana talks with Cath in his compartment

8:47 PM Edit

  • The train arrives in Galanta
  • The train leaves Galanta
  • The emergency brakes are cut

10:40 PM Edit

  • (Alexei's bomb goes off)
  • Cath defuses Alexei's bomb
  • The train is hijacked outside Budapest

Budapest - Belgrade Edit

26 July 1914 Edit

  • Cath frees himself, fights Ivo and frees Anna in the rear baggage car

6:35 AM Edit

  • The train reaches the Serbian border

Belgrade - Constantinople Edit

27 July 1914 Edit

7:30 PM Edit

  • Anna goes out for a while and is taken hostage by Kronos
  • Kronos forces Cath to open the Firebird and make it sing
  • Kronos and Kahina are killed by the Firebird, Cath and Anna escape, Tatiania blows up the train and World War I begins
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