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Rebecca Norton is a young upper class Englishwoman. Initially from a stifling London environment, she left with aspirations to become a famous journalist. Although naïve and inexperienced, she rides the Orient Express on her first adventure abroad with her dashing "friend" Sophie de Bretheuil. Rebecca is observant and intelligent, documenting everything in her diary.



They are in the dining room in the first service, and they discuss about Caillaux, differences in French and English scandals, Madame Bovary, Joan of Arc and the Dreyfus Affair among others.

They return around 9:00 for the second service. Pascale flirts with them.


Rebecca shares a compartment with Sophie, E. The compartment is always unlocked. Its main item of interest is Rebecca's diary which is updated throughout the game concerning other passengers and events on board the express. It is located in her suitcase, under her pillow or with her in the smoking car depending on the time.


Rebecca lived a sheltered life at home in England and is often spurred into new things by Sophie. She appears to be in some form of romantic relationship with Sophie, which she takes more seriously than her. She worries excessively and is always aware of her obligations and sacrifices while taking risks, a subject of argument with Sophie. She appears fluent in both English and French.

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