Knowledge is more precious than gold and rarer than rubies. If knowledge is the coin in which you wish to be paid, I could tell you many things.


Kronos is a wealthy and mysterious noble. Nothing is known about his origins, other than rumors which often contradict each other. It is believed he comes from North Africa, he has amassed an enormous fortune and is dedicated in collecting pieces of art. He is also rumored to have a private army, and have a fortress in the Pyrenees. When in Europe, he travels in his private rail car, the Saturn, which is a lavish, eccentrically outfitted car attached to the Orient Express.[1]

He travels to Vienna along with his bodyguard Kahina. Tyler Whitney intended to give him the antique egg.

Paris-Epernay[edit | edit source]

At some point around 8:30 he calls René Mertens telling him that he wants to see Whitney.

He seems to know Robert Cath's true identity and trouble with the British and French authorities, however he is not interested who he is, thinking that he is there to carry on with Tyler Whitney's transaction.

He never leaves his car, except when he invites Anna Wolff for a duet as he plays the piano.

In the end, he turns out to be the main antagonist of the game, as he returns to the train in Constantinople to take Robert and Anna hostage to acquire the Firebird.

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