Francois is a little boy 7 years old traveling with his parents. He is going to live with his father to Abadan who works in an oil refinery. His mother thinks he is annoying, but his father Claude Boutarel thinks that imagination is important for children, and that his imagination will help him to be a great scientist one day. It seems that Claude cares much about his son's studies and apparently aspires him to become a scientist. Francois seems to have an interest in insects, especially beetles, this is possibly why he took the whistle that looks like a beetle towards the end of the game.

As Francois claims later on into the game, he notices a woman with a giant snake wrapped around her at the end of the train, he was likely referring to the painting of the woman with a snake around her just before Kronos' private car.

He finds a whistle and blows it running through the train until his mother scolds him.

He sees Tyler Whitney's body falling through the window but his mother doesn't pay attention when he tells her about it.

They arrive at the restaurant and he is complaining about wanting to go home.

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