Described as dark haired with dark eyes, she was the first wife of Joseph Caillaux. She was aware of her husband's relationship to Henriette Raynouard.

She also mentioned her ex-husband's affair with Raynouard and the letters he received from her. She had removed from her husband's desk some special letters. Caillaux thanked her for restoring them so that he could destroy them.

Eventually they divorced and Caillaux married Raynouard but it was not until then when she learned that copies existed.

During Henriette's trial concerning the murder of Gaston Calmette, she was bitter to her. People accused her that the existence of the letters were the reasons of the crime. She responded that the letters were of no political nature and had no public interest. Maitre Chenu asked her to deliver the copies but she refused but she would confide them to Henriette's attorney, Maitre Fernand Labori.

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