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Schmidt had humble beginnings, but he built an industrial empire from metal and arms manufacturing. He is one of new Germany's rising industrialists and an arms dealer. Loking forward to prosperous times, he followis political and military develpments very closely. He is also a groumand and appreciates beauty, including women.[1]

He travels on the Orient Express to Munich planning to sell his weaponry to Tyler Whitney.


When the game begins, Schmidt is in the dining room waiting for Whitney.

If Robert Cath goes to talk to him immediately at the beginning, Schmidt will ask if he is Whitney. Cath will deny it, and Schmidt infuriated will go to Whitney's cabin, only to find his dead body, and the game will end.

At around 8:00 Schmidt tells Pascale that he is waiting for Whitney. Pascale tells Verges who then tells Rene Mertens to notify him.

Cath can introduce himself to Schmidt as Whitney any time while he is in the dining room.
If Cath hasn't shown up, around 8:15 Schmidt will go himself to Whitney's cabin.
If Cath is there and locks the door, Schmidt will leave angry, but will come back later.
If Cath is no there, he will wait for 10 minutes, when Cath can go and talk to him. If not, he leaves.

Around 8:30 Schmidt will be in his room for a few minutes where Cath can talk to him, before he goes to the Restaurant Car.

Around 9:00 he returns to his room. Around 9:30 he meets Anna Wolff in the salon, the famous violinist and socialite to whom Schmidt is seemingly quite attracted not knowing that she is there to spy on his arms transaction.

Cath can talk to them and introduce himself to Schmidt if he hasn't done so earlier.

He returns to his room after 10:00.

If he still hasn't met Cath, he leaves and goes to Whitney's cabin and waits for him until Cath shows up.

However, after the acquisition of the guns Robert Cath bought for them, Serbians hijack the train and subsequently Schmidt is left inside the sleeping car to which he was evacuated.


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